The Countdown Bench Press Workout

Increasing Your Bench Press With Assistance Exercises inside [keyword

Bench Press Workout – This is a bench press exercise that my training companion and I used prior to the 2008 British Bench Press Championship where I benched 225kg raw. This was my most significant ever raw benchand I showed to myself that my training concepts worked.

The workout contains 4 exercises in a ten day period. The private sessions alternate as follows: Heavybench press and aid, Heavy squat as well as rate deadlift, Rate bench press and also assistance, Speed squat and heavy deadlift.

The 10 day cycle is a miniature cycle of exercises within a bigger cycle that runs for 30 days as well as this larger cycle belongs to an also bigger cycle that runs for 90 days. Once in the 30 day duration a single 1 representative maximum press was tried to determine progression. Each 30 day cycle focuses on a certain bench assistance tool e.g bands or chains. Prior to beginning this training timetable my training companion as well as I both benched our 1 representative max so we could determine weight percentages. My 1 rep maximum was 195kg. We trained three days a week on a Monday, Wednesday and also Friday. Shoulders were trained difficult and also hefty on the speed day.

The exercises are as complies with:

Under the column weight I have created the % of my 1 representative max for the flat benchonly. This figure is approximate and also is rounded up to the local 5 or 10 kilogram dive.

On the days not stated e.g. the Wednesday of the initial 10 day cycle I am training squat as well as deadlift.
All close grasp presses are lowered to a 3 board elevation.
On hefty bench day I constantly do close grasp press as well.
Warm up properly prior to work out consisting of heating up on the particular exercise.
All exercises are done utilizing wrist covers only.

First 30 Day Cycle

Monday Flat Bench Press 5 collections 5 reps @ 160kg (80%) Friday Speed Bench Press 8 sets 3 representatives @ 100kg (50%) Wednesday Flat Bench Press 8 sets 3 reps @ 175kg (90%) Monday Speed Bench Press 12 collections 2 reps @ 100kg (50%) Friday Flat Bench Press 3 sets 1rep @ 200kg MAX. Wednesday Speed Bench Press 12 collections 2 representatives @ 100kg (50%).

On the hefty bench training day I full 2 breast help workouts and 3 tricep help workouts. The exercises are from the adhering to listings yet the checklist isn’t exhaustive as well as various other exercises can be included:.

Bench Assistance Incline Press Decline Press Flat, Incline, Decline Flyes Pec Dec Flye Floor Press.

Tricep Assistance Close Grip Press Skull Crushers/ Kettlebell/ Barbell Tricep Pressdown Dips Rack Lockouts.

This cycle is currently repeated for the 2nd 30 day cycle only now instead of simply plainpressing I introduced BANDS. I used tool blue woody bands which include about 20kg onto bench weight at the top of the movement indicating an ’em pty’ bar currently considered 40kg. My 1 associate max had currently increased to 200kg so all calculations now have to be worked out on this brand-new weight, nonetheless, as a result of the intro of the bands I really reduced bench weight by 10kg! Bands were made use of for both speed and also heavy days.

At the end of the 2nd 30 day cycle we again examined our 1 associate max bench in order to compute what bar weight we needed for our third and last cycle. My 1 representative max had actually now raised to 205kg and also I was feeling really strong as well as pleased I had broken the 200kg barrier.

The 3rd cycle duplicated the previous two only rather than bands we introduced CHAINS. To each side of bench I added 17.5 kg in chain weight implying an ’em pty’ bar now weighted 55kg. My 1 rep max had currently enhanced to 205kg so I needed to recalculate my exercise percentages to take this right into account. Chains were made use of for both speed as well as heavy days.

Finally, at the end of this cycle I evaluated my 1 representative max again as well as managed to bench 210kg. The most I had ever before handled without putting on a specialist tools. I was clearly thrilled with the outcome and both my training partner as well as I had never ever felt more powerful. I now relaxed fully for 2 weeks, not training even when during this duration. Then on the Saturday I completed in the British Championship as well as benched 225kg which shocked me as this was 15kg over my previous best which demonstrates how vital remainder as well as nutrition is within a training routine.


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